Texas General Liability Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas general liability insurance could save you from bankruptcy as a result of a bodily injury or property damage lawsuit. These legal situations usually arise from an accident occurring at your client's site or on your property. Purchasing this coverage will ensure that any harm caused by you, your employees or subcontractors working on your behalf will not hurt your business financially.

Cover All Assets

If you lease your office space you likely already have Texas general liability insurance. Standard coverage is approximately $1,000,000 but higher amounts offer additional protection. To guarantee your organization has enough liability coverage, figure out the net worth of your organization including all property and equipment, in addition to the money in the bank.

Your liability insurance amount should be able to cover the cost of everything you own; otherwise even a small lawsuit could do serious financial damage. Just because general liability sounds broad, you may think that it should cover all possible libelous situations. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Exclusions to Texas General Liability Insurance

In addition to your general liability you may need other coverages to adequately protect yourself, your employees and your company. Somewhat of a misnomer, general liability coverage often comes with numerous exclusions or exceptions to the coverage. You must compensate for these exclusions with additional insurance such as employment practices, errors and omissions and umbrella policies.

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