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Texas Group Benefits offers a wealth of information about every kind of insurance you can possibly imagine. It works to a great advantage to have one place you can look to for all your insurance needs from employee health insurance to life to disability. Group plans are available as well as discount care plans.

Many people today are struggling to find adequate healthcare coverage. The cost of being treated for even a minor incident can be out of sight on many family budgets. It seems the price for health insurance is going up as employment is going down. Families are left with minimal or no coverage with layoffs and other cutbacks and need the expertise of Texas Group Benefits to find a low-cost policy.

Affordable Texas Group Benefits

It is possible for Texas Group Benefits to find affordable coverage even with minimal employment benefits. Plans can be tailor-made to suit almost any situation. There are group plans that are available for small businesses as well as large corporations. In some cases, the employer simply does the paperwork and collects the premiums while the employees pay the entire amount for coverage. They get a group rate discount with no cost to the employer. This helps both the employee and the employer.

Texas Group Benefits are able to locate the policy best suited for any company or individual. Many people just decide to take their chances when disaster could be just around the corner. It is vital for the integrity of the family's financial future to have some type of disability insurance. No one is guaranteed there will be no medical or accidental interruption to the ability to hold down a full-time job. The right insurance plan can carry the load while you recover.

With certain plans, Texas Group Benefits can also help make your insurance premium a pre-tax deduction. This reduces the amount of FICA expense for the employer and is a benefit to the employee by not paying taxes on the amount of premium. This can be a significant savings for many families.

More about Texas Group Benefits

There are certain types of coverage the state requires every employer to provide. One of these in Texas is short-term disability benefit. The employer has a choice of using either a state plan or private insurance. Texas Group Benefits is a great resource for determining which will be the most cost effective for every size of company or corporation.

Long-term disability plans take over after the short-term plan is depleted. Many companies offer the employee the option of purchasing this coverage at a discounted group rate. The amount received can be affected by other benefits such as workers' compensation or Social Security benefits. Limits are placed on the length of time for all benefits. There is also a cap on the amount expended per incidence. Many rules and regulations apply when it comes to qualifying for long-term benefits from the various companies. It is important to be very knowledgeable about every aspect of your insurance coverage.

It pays to have someone on the cutting edge of the latest legal requirements for employers and for the greatest benefits for the employee. Let Texas Group Benefits find an insurance package that will work for you and your employees. If you are the employee, you can still find a wealth of information to help make the right choice in healthcare insurance of all types.

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