Texas Group Health Plans

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Texas group health plans fall under the guidance of a lot of rules and regulations. For the most part, employers of from two to fifty employees cannot be turned down by insurance companies for coverage. It may require at least three-fourths of the employees sign up for the policy. It can also mean the employer must pay part of the premiums for the employees.

Larger companies of fifty-one or more employees are in a different category. It is possible for insurance underwriters to refuse to provide health coverage for a group this size. Small business employers providing benefits for health coverage for employees must make the policy available for the spouse and any dependents. If someone in a small group incurs a huge claim, it can affect the premiums. However, the limit is set by the state of Texas. This limit does not apply to employers of groups larger than 50.

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The guidelines for Texas group health plans are very straightforward. Health status discrimination is not allowed. An employer of a large group may impose a waiting period before eligibility to sign up for coverage. That is acceptable only if it is done across the board. Employees may not be singled out due to health issues.

Per the guidelines for Texas group health plans, an employer may choose to not offer coverage or maybe to limit coverage for some employees, but this must be for reasons other than health issues. Part-time status could be a qualifying factor for this type of exclusion.

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