Texas Homebuilder Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas homebuilder insurance has gone through a dramatic change over the past couple of years. Many insurance companies are reducing their coverage, leaving homebuilders exposed to potential damages. Luckily, there are vendors that are still willing to serve and insure homebuilders.

Finding Texas Homebuilder Insurance

If you are a homebuilder or you work for someone in the construction industry you know how important homebuilder insurance is. Finding this insurance at an affordable rate may be more difficult though. The best way to find insurance is to speak with a commercial business agent or contact a homebuilder's association. The group should have numerous insurance contacts and may even be able to provide discounts.

As a builder, why do you need insurance? You work cautiously, build solid homes and provide a safe and efficient workplace. While there may never be a need for insurance, the risk of not having insurance far outweighs the cost. Suppose you hire lesser experienced, summer help to assist with a busy time. The costs of labor may be less than what you are used to but the lack of experience can put everyone at the job site at risk. One simple mistake could cost thousands in damages and injure someone. These are costs that you the builder are responsible for.

Safety Isn't Always Enough

Having Texas homebuilder insurance, therefore, is more of a precaution than anything else. Most builders work extremely hard to keep a safe site making sure their workers follow all safety precautions. Working in construction is inherently dangerous, there are heavy and sharp items all around and all it takes is one false step for a worker to suffer a major injury. The injury may not be the homebuilder's fault but it is his responsibility and the damages could put the owner out of business.

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