Texas Property Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas property insurance can protect your corporate real estate assets in the event your property is lost, damaged or stolen. Many policies also cover the cost of repair or replacement.

There are two types of property insurance: named-peril, and all-risk policies. The named-peril policy only protects property from damages or perils that are specifically named in the policy. In other words, if your policy states reimbursement for any damage caused by flooding, your commercial property is not covered should the building burn to the ground. (Unless of course, the fire was started by the flood.)

Two Types of Texas Property Insurance

All-risk policies encompass many more risks or perils. With an all-risk policy, you are covered by any damages that occur that are not otherwise detailed in a named-peril policy. By itemizing all the perils that may instigate an insurance claim, you're likely to pay double the premium on equal coverage. Most businesses opt for one or two specific policies with an all-risk policy to cover any additional risks.

Most Texas property insurance carriers offer similar coverage at comparable rates. To find the best rate, shop around the Internet, talk to agents and ask your friends or family who manages their property insurance. This site is a wealth of information and can help start you on your way to affordable and thorough insurance.

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