Texas Umbrella Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas umbrella insurance is a high limit liability policy that provides additional coverage over and above a standard liability policy. This insurance is designed to protect assets once a traditional policy stops. Although umbrella insurance is nice to have, most people hope they never need it because that will mean that a serious incident has occurred.

Who Needs Texas Umbrella Insurance?

The majority of people have at least one insurance policy for a car, their home or other possessions. This coverage may be sufficient for most incidents that occur but there is always a chance that it will not be enough. Owning umbrella insurance may provide payment for a legal defense or other fines that may be incurred. Due to the uncertainty of such events, it is wise for everyone to evaluate their needs and make a determination about umbrella insurance.

Umbrella Rates

You may be thinking to yourself that this insurance sounds great but that it is probably very expensive. The truth is that Texas umbrella insurance is very reasonable. Since these policies are not often used, insurance companies can provide coverage at affordable rates. Knowing that you are protected from certain events can be well worth the monthly premium.

Umbrella insurance should not necessarily be looked at as a luxury expense. Many middle class people can find themselves in unfortunate situations that will require coverage above what a standard policy protects. This could be the case if there is a major car accident that causes damage and injuries totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. This accident cannot be predicted but it can be prepared for by having umbrella insurance.

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Fines Covered by Texas Umbrella Insurance

The above article indicated that "Owning umbrella insurance may provide payment for a legal defense or other fines that may be incurred." I am wondering what those "fines" can be. If someone can point me to an actual insurance company policy wording with respect to these fines, it is greatly appreciated. I am trying to benchmark the actual practice in the US when it comes to the "fines".

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