Texas Wc

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas WC refers to workers compensation insurance which protects an employer from liability for employee-related accidents. Although workers comp insurance is not required in Texas, the investment is well worth it to avoid potentially damaging losses. Being covered by insurance not only protects the employer from possible losses, it also protects employees from financial hardship or low morale.

Where to Buy Texas WC

There are a small number of states that only offer workers comp insurance directly through state offices. All other states offer insurance to be purchased through various insurance companies or through the state's compensation fund. The state compensation fund is set up by the state to ensure that all employers, regardless of size, have the opportunity to purchase workers compensation insurance.

Types of Coverage

Workers compensation insurance is a very broad term and covers many types of potential losses. The typical loss is related to on-the-job injuries that cause an employee to lose days, weeks or months of work at a time. Texas WC insurance will pay for medical bills, lost wages and legal fees as a result of an injury that occurs while at work. Although many employees will never require these benefits, they are provided with the knowledge that there is coverage should an accident occur.

Workers compensation insurance may be seen as an unnecessary cost in certain industries. A data entry company may not require any lifting or manual labor of its employees but can still experience workers comp losses. One such instance would be an employee complaining of carpal tunnel syndrome. This repetitive motion is often the cause behind workers compensation claims. By providing workers comp insurance, the employer can protect themselves from high labor costs and provide the employee with necessary reimbursements.

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