Texas Workers Comp

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas workers comp protects employers from being liable for any accident involving an employee. Anything from lifting a heavy box to machinery related injuries can involve a costly lawsuit. Before exposing you and your business to such financial risk, research general liability and workers compensation coverage.

Legal Ramifications

Nearly all states require employers to carry workers compensation coverage. For those companies who do not abide by state and federal regulations, not only are they susceptible to high-priced legal situations, but also state fines and possible jail time. Now that you know how much you need this coverage, where can you find it?

In some states, purchasing workers compensation is done through the state. For most others, you can purchase this coverage from any qualified insurance broker. In addition, you can find sufficient coverage through many insurance internet retailers. This process will eliminate a lot of the leg work and provide you with fast and accurate protection.

How is Texas Workers Comp Priced?

Your Texas workers comp premium is based in part on the size of your payroll. The number of employees along with their salary has a direct effect on the price tag associated with adequate coverage. High-risk positions such as an electrician require more expensive premiums than an accountant. All your employees must be divided up into categories before your premium is reached.

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