Texas Workers Compensation

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas workers compensation, while a necessary and preventative measure, doesn't have to cost more than you earn in profit each year. There are a few tricks to follow when pricing out different liability coverages. To help ensure you're getting the most for your hard earned dollar, read the information provided within this website.

Avoid Common Texas Workers Compensation Traps

Utilizing an insurance agent will help steer you out of the potholes and traps many employers are prone to. With the education and assistance of a trained professional, you're less likely to spend your money unnecessarily. Having a leader to help with the classification and policy processes is worth the investment in the long run.

Your premium is determined on the classification of your business and your employees' job descriptions. Those who work in more high-risk situations such as construction are more susceptible to work-related injury and thus more likely to need Texas workers compensation. There are typically more than 700 types of classifications, each with its own associated risk and premiums.

Know Your History and Your Rating

Your rating is also affected by your history of filed claims. As with car insurance, a clean record is likely to drive your premium down. If your organization pays more than $5,000 in workers compensation premiums you may be eligible for an experience rating. If you are unsure about your current rating, be sure to find out before you apply for another policy.

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