Air Travel Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Air Travel Insurance Online

Traveling is always an adventure, and it can be trying as well. If you're more uncomfortable flying these days, for example, you're not alone. More and more people are considering the option of purchasing travel insurance, either at an airport or from their travel agent or even online when they book their tickets.

Air travel insurance can take either of two forms. It can be a short-term life insurance policy that will provide beneficiaries with income if the worst should happen, or it can be obtained for reimbursement purposes should you have to miss a flight or should a flight be canceled through no fault of yours. You may, in fact, choose to purchase both forms of insurance.

Airlines and Air Travel Insurance

With many airlines struggling to maintain sound financial footing and all of the hundreds of things that could cause you to miss a planned and paid-for trip, travel insurance is a must, especially if you're flying first class or going on an extended overseas trip. You can purchase this insurance online at any of dozens of websites that offer you instant quotes based on flight information you provide.

In most cases, financial loss insurance due to a flight cancellation or when a carrier goes out of business must be purchased within a specified number of days from the date you purchased your tickets or made a deposit on your trip. If you have purchased a ticket from an airline that has entered the bankruptcy process, your insurance will not cover your loss. Check rates online before you purchase any travel insurance. You will find that it is fast, convenient, and less expensive to purchase your insurance on the Internet.

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