Annual Travel Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Annual Travel Insurance for Global Coverage

Annual travel insurance is long-term medical insurance for international travelers. Renewable each year, it provides medical coverage around the world for those who need protection for a year or longer. If your international corporation sends you abroad for an extended stay to oversee its interests in another country, consider this excellent worldwide medical insurance.

Should you decide to retire to low-cost living in Mexico, this annual travel insurance would provide great support and security for your new life. The expatriate lifestyle has always appealed to the quixotic in all of us, and now there is health insurance that takes care of the practical side of living abroad. This medical insurance has global acceptance for coverage up to $5 million!

United States Coverage Does Not Apply

The health insurance you have in the United States might be the best, but it will not cover you on lengthy overseas trips. Consider also that you may not be able to enroll in the government plans in a foreign country, especially at the beginning of your stay. All the more reason to explore international medical insurance carefully to determine which type of coverage will protect you in your travels.

The longer you reside in another country, the more chances you are taking with your health if you do not have acceptable medical insurance. This coverage is also for those who are not U.S. citizens who need to supplement their government's insurance, or who need coverage as they travel outside their country. Annual travel insurance provides protection for any differences in coverage that are found from country to country.

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