Expatriate Health Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Affordable Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriate health insurance for those who are living outside the United States offers maximum protection and security to safeguard your health. Traveling and living abroad are exciting and exhilarating, but the practical aspects of coping with urgent situations can be overwhelming, especially for people who are new to traveling overseas. Speaking and communicating in a foreign language is wonderful, but when medical emergencies strike, medical and technical terms might not be forthcoming in a language that is new to you.

On top of this, your regular health insurance at home will not cover you for extended stays abroad. About the last thing you want to happen is to find yourself without any medical protection in a strange land with an unfamiliar medical system. Fortunately, however, expatriate health insurance can be found online in affordable plans for those who are staying overseas for a year or longer.

Great Coverage

Take a look at the plans from different travel insurance companies; compare rates, deductibles and coverage. Ask questions if you do not understand some detail or item in the policy, especially regarding inclusions and exclusions. Generally, these plans are designed to provide medical security for a great many physical and mental needs you might have while living in another country.

Expatriate health insurance offers up to $5 million in coverage for maternity care and for postnatal care for the baby. Organ and tissue transplants are also covered, an item that is not always included in domestic plans! There are many more categories incorporated in this international medical insurance; go online to see a comprehensive listing.

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