Expatriate Health Insurance Plans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Expatriate Health Insurance Plans for Living Abroad

Expatriate health insurance plans are meant to provide significant coverage for those who are living in another country for a year or longer. Whether you find yourself in this situation either because of business or because you are lucky enough to have retired, international medical insurance will provide you and your family with extensive protection. Renewable annually, this travel insurance can be continued indefinitely, as long as your living circumstances remain the same.

Be sure to take care of securing comprehensive coverage as part of your trip planning. The time to consider medical emergencies is before you ever leave your homeland, not after they occur in a foreign country with different medical systems. Securing expatriate health insurance plans should be a top priority for any traveler, but especially for those with families.

Inclusive Protection

These medical plans provide coverage up to $5,000,000 for a wide range of needs, ranging from wellness care to full-out medical emergencies. If you need inpatient or outpatient treatment, this is included in your policy, along with any prescription drugs you might have to have. Prenatal care for the mother-to-be and postnatal care for the baby are a part of this coverage.

Serious emergencies can be more than just medical disasters if they happen overseas. They can also become financial catastrophes in a short time, so emergency medical evacuation is covered. This is an invaluable part of expatriate health insurance plans because the logistics of transporting a disabled patient are horrendous for those without medical protection.

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