Global Health Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Global Health Insurance for Any Traveler

Global health insurance is varied, both as to the number of travel insurance carriers and the range of their plans. Whatever your traveling circumstances, there is a plan that protects your health while you are abroad. The easiest, fastest way to find out about these plans is to go online and compare coverage offered by each one that applies to your situation.

If, for instance, you are a short-hopper and each year take several cruises or tours, each of at least seven days duration, consider multi-trip travel insurance. This type of protection provides worldwide medical services for all your annual trips, for just a single fee. So, take care of your possible medical problems in advance with global health insurance that covers all your travels.

Better Safe than Sorry

When it comes to medical insurance for traveling, these words ring true--"Better safe than sorry!" Any illness or injury anytime, anywhere is disruptive of our lives. The discomfort of the flu, the pain of appendicitis--these health problems are bad enough at home. No one likes to be sick or in pain.

When they hit on the road, however, things get more complicated, as you also have to deal with a strange language and a very different healthcare system. Global health insurance takes the sting out of unexpected medical concerns because you know you can get medical treatment wherever you are. This feeling of being protected whatever happens helps to take the insecurity out of traveling.

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