Group Travel Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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You Need Group Travel Insurance

Traveling in a group can be great fun, a rewarding adventure, and an incredible learning experience all rolled into one package. When that travel takes you outside of your home country, having a quality group travel insurance plan in place can provide your team with peace of mind. Group travel health insurance plans are available online in a variety of configurations.

Obviously, cost is always an issue, but low-cost medical insurance is accessible. It's also a necessity. If one of your group is injured or becomes ill, concern about that person's well being is paramount. Concern about liability can also be a factor because quality health care is usually expensive, and medical evacuations cost thousands of dollars.

Find Group Travel Insurance Online

Many companies begin their coverage with groups of three or more travelers. Both for profit and non-profit groups can obtain travel health insurance. When you go online to look for the right plan, be sure to read the coverage description details provided. Generally, you need to procure your insurance several weeks before your group's planned departure date. This will insure that you have the proper documents in your hands before you leave.

Your trip participants should have their own medical insurance cards with their names and insurance contact information on them. Members should also have claims form, as required. Most companies require payment in advance and have a minimum payment amount established. In general, these plans cover single trips, but, if your group plans to travel more than once in a year, many companies will create a custom plan for you.

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