Health Insurance For International Students

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Essential Health Insurance for International Students

Health insurance for international students will provide crucial care and treatment while they are studying abroad. Often, colleges and universities offer basic coverage while a student is enrolled in their institutions, but this basic protection may not apply to overseas study. These domestic policies also may not offer adequate protection for stays in other countries, some with insect-borne illnesses and exotic diseases that do not occur in the United States.

About the last thing parents need to worry about when their son or daughter goes abroad is their children's health. Being so far away, parents tend to be concerned about issues that they may not think much about when they have their children safely ensconced in a renowned university in the U.S. Health insurance for international students can allay these concerns because it provides excellent protection for myriad health issues that may afflict the student.

Types of Coverage

Largely, medical insurance for international students is categorized according to the length of stay in the foreign country. A summer session of study would fall under travel medical coverage for trips from seven days to 12 months. This provides for coverage up to $1 million for treatment and emergencies that may occur in foreign countries.

Of particular interest to parents might be the coverage for repatriation; this pays expenses involved in getting the student back to the U.S. when other funds are not available. It also covers accidental death and hazardous sports activities. On a more minor level, health insurance for international students covers lost checked luggage and inpatient/outpatient treatment.

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