International Health Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Affordable International Health Insurance

International health insurance brings medical protection and mental comfort to world travelers. They realize they have bought good worldwide medical insurance that will take care of many of their needs and problems should sickness or an accident befall them. Cruises and tours--even business trips--are supposed to be pleasurable, and international health insurance helps to keep them that way.

Considering the greater risks associated with world travel, global medical insurance is designed to be affordable for all groups of travelers. By offering plans geared toward a particular group, insurance carriers can create an appropriate and economical plan for, say, expatriates who will be living in another country. Those who need short-term coverage, such as travelers who are taking their annual tour of a foreign land, also can find plans constructed especially for their needs.

Short or Long Trips

Travel medical insurance applies to trips that are at least seven days long and up to 12 months duration. With up to $1,000,000 in coverage, your medical protection includes emergency dental care and emergency medical evacuation from the foreign country to the United States. Trip interruption coverage is a part of this plan; this covers lost or damaged baggage and other consequences of a disrupted journey.

If minor children travel to or in another country, this coverage provides for the safe return of the children to the United States if there are difficulties. Emergency reunion also applies to this type of medical plan, as do accidental death and hazardous sports protection. International health insurance is designed to anticipate, and provide security against, calamitous events during your journeys.

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