International Health Insurance Plans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Broad Coverage of International Health Insurance Plans

International health insurance plans are carefully crafted to provide broad coverage in the event of illness or injury. Invariably included in the plans is protection against routine and emergency medical treatment, as well as trip delay or cancellation. Such coverage is not a luxury; in today's world, it is an absolute necessity.

Too many things can happen--and do--while traveling in a foreign country where you aren't fluent in the language and don't know what to do to obtain medical services. In addition, you might not, as a foreigner, be eligible for any government-sponsored healthcare, at least until you stay in the country long enough to establish residency. For someone traveling through Europe, which consists of many small countries, being on the move is common in order to be able to visit most of them.

Kinds of Plans

Perhaps the most popular international health insurance plans are bought by those travelers who are making one tour or cruise. Travel medical insurance for them consists of $1 million coverage for ordinary and emergency healthcare, trip interruption, and home country coverage. For business people and others lucky enough to take several trips to foreign lands in a year, there are multi-trip, international health insurance plans, for trips of 30 days or fewer.

Expatriate medical insurance applies to those Americans who are living in another country for an extended time. With up to $5 million in coverage, this expansive protection is renewable annually. Finally, there is trip interruption/cancellation plans that mitigate some of the hardship and financial loss caused by illness, natural disasters, or terrorism.

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