International Healthcare Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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International Healthcare Insurance Is Accepted Worldwide

International healthcare insurance can be relied upon by any covered traveler because it is accepted around the world. Once you go outside the boundaries of the United States, your domestic medical insurance may not cover you at all. If it does, it will not provide health services for extended stays.

Everyone realizes how important it is to have some medical protection--even routine medical services are costly, and prescription drugs are equally so. Although several industrialized countries have government-sponsored health programs that are excellent, they may not cover any or all of your medical needs as a visitor. Medical treatment is too critical not to be a top priority before you leave the United States.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Most international healthcare insurance is available to non-U.S. citizens whether they are in the United States or elsewhere. If non-citizens travel frequently, multi-trip travel insurance applies to them as well as to U.S. citizens. This worldwide insurance offers the convenience of year-long coverage for one fee no matter how many trips you take.

Non-citizens are eligible for annual medical insurance, which offers up to $5,000,000 in coverage for those who need insurance for one year or longer. This insurance is valid for non-citizens even in the United States. If you have relocated to this country because of business, or political considerations, consider this international healthcare insurance to provide medical treatment for you and your family.

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