International Medical Health Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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International Medical Health Insurance for the Unexpected

International medical health insurance brings the certainty of medical treatment and reimbursement when the unexpected strikes. No one expects to get food poisoning while traveling, or expects to be stranded in Greece because of an act of terrorism. When even a minor illness happens, transportation connections are lost, and flights may be missed.

Airline strikes, severe weather, flooding, railway accidents--these and many other occurrences beyond your control may force the cancellation of your trip. Flu, diseases, pneumonia, broken limbs, head injuries, surgery--these medical problems and procedures can cause delays in, or cancellation of, all your hard-earned vacation. If the worst does happen, international medical health insurance can mitigate the damage and get you vital medical treatment.

From Trip Insurance to Medical Coverage

Delays and cancellation of an entire trip can be heartbreaking--and financially disastrous. Deposits will be lost, and perhaps tour and cruise costs as well. Trip protection insurance can reimburse you for baggage delay and loss, travel delay and travel assistance services, as well as other repercussions of your setback.

Medical coverage can be up to $1 million for travel from seven days to 12 months, or up to $5 million for annual travel insurance needed for one year or longer. Typically, this international medical health insurance covers inpatient and outpatient treatment, and emergency procedures and evacuation. Annual insurance, being long-term, has coverage for life events, such as maternity and postnatal baby care.

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