International Medical Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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International Medical Insurance for All Travelers

International medical insurance can make the difference between a wonderful, smooth journey abroad, and a nightmare that destroys your travel plans. "Expect the best, plan for the worst," might well be the motto of a satisfied traveler. If you don't need to use your international medical insurance, great! If you do need it, however, it can help you obtain medical care in a country that may not cover foreigners--and it may save your life.

Think what you would do if you fell ill from eating local food or drinking local water. What if you don't speak the language, and you can't find a doctor who speaks English? What if you slip and fall? Without international medical insurance, how would you know where to go to get assistance? It does happen sometimes that a traveler needs to be evacuated--without medical coverage, this can be disastrous financially and medically!

Versatile Short-Term, Long-Term Coverage

Whatever deficiencies you may find in healthcare in this country, keep in mind that you will be in for many a surprise if you need medical treatment in other countries! Industrialized countries have sophisticated medical systems, especially in metropolitan areas, but most rural/desert/forest lands have a very different standard of healthcare. Outside the major cities of South America, Africa, and Asia, villages and small towns may not even have a clinic or doctor available.

Whatever your traveling circumstances, there is international medical insurance that provides coverage. If you take several short trips a year, there is multi-trip travel insurance; if you and your family are living abroad, annual travel insurance offers protection. Students, business people, vacationers, retirees--all can find affordable, worldwide medical insurance that offers excellent assurance.

Protect Against the Unexpected with International Medical Insurance

For those who travel abroad on business or for pleasure frequently during the year, international medical insurance is offered for a single annual fee. If your trips last for fewer than 30 days each, multi-trip coverage can include everything from prescription drugs to emergency medical evacuation. This plan provides security in a no-hassle form--all the details are already taken care of and in place for your next trip!

Illnesses and injuries even happen at home, and look at the disruption and expense they cause! Imagine how much more difficult it is to deal with them in another country where the language and the medical system are unfamiliar. Unexpected sickness and accidents--these can happen wherever you are, but they are certainly complicated when you are in a strange place.

Insurance Protects against Trip Disruption

What if you got sick before you even left for your journey? You might lose deposits, or even the total outlay for your cruise or flight! Bad weather often causes delays in flights and ship sailings. Baggage delay and loss occur frequently, but you can get protection against this inconvenience.

There are many reasons a journey can be delayed, disrupted, or canceled. Without insurance protection, your dream trip can turn into a bad dream in short order. Consider the crucial benefits of international medical insurance and trip protection insurance that offer peace of mind and medical security for travelers abroad.

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