International Travel Health Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Why International Travel Health Insurance?

It's a fact. The insurance that you get from your employer almost never covers travel medical insurance. If you are planning a trip for yourself or your family that includes going abroad, it is essential for you to purchase international travel health insurance. There are even a number of countries that will not give you an entry visa unless you can provide proof of medical health coverage.

Access to medical care in many foreign countries can be more complicated than it is in the United States, especially for tourists. While most hotels have personnel that try to help, if you don't have international medical coverage, you may face interminable delays that could have disastrous results. Sometimes, an illness or accident can result in the necessity for a medical evacuation, either to a major hospital in the country you are visiting or to a hospital in the United States. Without the appropriate coverage, the evacuation may not happen.

International Travel Health Insurance Online

It's fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to get travel insurance over the Internet. In order to provide the best coverage, however, you will need to do some "legwork." That means comparing the online policy to your current employer's policy, benefit to benefit, and cost to cost.

In addition to the basics, you should find a policy that includes medical evacuation when necessary and repatriation of remains should the worst occur. A medical evacuation can cost up to $100,000. If you are traveling to a relatively underdeveloped country, this type of coverage could be a lifesaver. Once you decide on the right policy, be sure to print out plan documents and keep them on your person at all times while traveling.

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