International Travel Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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International Travel Insurance Protects Health

International travel insurance often provides critical medical assistance in urgent and emergency situations, but it also prevents more routine health concerns from worsening. When immediate medical attention is vital--especially in life-or-death circumstances--having international travel insurance pays off in a big way. Medical evacuation coverage, for instance, takes care of the expense and logistics of transporting a disabled person from a foreign country to the United States.

Emergency dental services, emergency reunion of family members, accidental death, repatriation for a traveling family member who has run out of money--these are some of the benefits that are part of various overseas travel health insurance plans. In addition, there are provisions that are intended to help you to avoid emergencies by keeping you well. Accidents and injuries will happen, but medical protection can go a long way toward preventing their deterioration into emergencies with excellent worldwide insurance.

Good Medical Programs

One of the kinds of policies with the broadest coverage is the annual international travel insurance, designed for people who need coverage for one year or longer. Obviously, such travelers are living overseas, and so this insurance covers areas that are important in the course of living. Maternity health care and postnatal baby care are a part of this package.

In order to help you stay as healthy as possible while living in another country, wellness coverage is a provision of this insurance. Mental health is provided for, as are organ and tissue transplants. With up to $5 million in coverage, this plan can provide important support for your health before emergencies occur.

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