International Travel Medical Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Do You Need International Travel Medical Insurance?

If you're traveling out of your home country, it's important for you to determine in advance whether the medical coverage plan you currently have will be accepted wherever you're going. The majority of US plans, for example, do not cover participants when they are abroad. Another issue is whether your domestic plan would be accepted in a foreign country.

Whether you book your reservations with a travel agent or online, you must find out about the medical coverage expectations of the country you plan to visit. Many nations require you to provide proof of medical care coverage before they will issue you an entry visa. In addition, the US State Department strongly recommends that all US travelers have international travel medical insurance and medical evacuation coverage before they travel to those countries that do not require such coverage.

International Travel Medical Insurance Tips

Below are some features you should look for when you are considering international insurance:

  • Make sure the policy covers usual, reasonable, and customary charges at the very least.
  • Find out what the deductibles and coinsurance will cost you and whether you can choose the deductible amount.
  • Make sure the policy covers both hospital care, intensive care rooms as needed, and ambulance expenses.
  • A good plan will also cover emergency dental care.
  • If you plan to engage in sports that might be considered dangerous, make sure those sports are covered before you purchase a policy.
  • Consider additional accidental and death benefits if they are offered.
  • Look for a plan that gives you the options you want, and compare it to your domestic plan.

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