Medical Insurance For International Students

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Medical Insurance for International Students Offers Excellent Coverage

Medical insurance for international students should offer protection and security at least equivalent to that which they have in the United States. Actually, there should be a higher level of coverage because they are so far from home and do not have direct access to help and comfort from parents. Fortunately, travel health insurance coverage is extraordinary, with coverage up to $1,000,000 for an array of health concerns and problems that can arise from traveling.

Students are not known for their vast financial resources, and this is all the more reason to get the best protection before leaving the country. Dealing with a course of study in a foreign institution is enough to handle without trying to find enough funds to take care of medical treatment. Probably a student is not fluent in the native language, and this adds to the confusion and frustration that an illness or accident engenders.

Provisions of the Plan

More than likely, a student would sign up for travel insurance that applies to trips from seven days to 12 months. Medical insurance for international students offers wide-ranging coverage, from inpatient/outpatient care and prescription drugs, to hazardous sports and repatriation. If, for some reason, a student falls ill before the trip even begins, or if illness cuts short a trip, trip interruption insurance applies.

For emergencies, dental services are included, as is medical evacuation. The latter is a crucial provision, for the cost and logistics of transporting a disabled student can be prohibitive. Emergency reunion arrangements are also a part of this plan. Go online to read about more coverage that falls under medical insurance for international students.

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