Overseas Travel Health Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Four Good Reasons to Get Overseas Travel Health Insurance

Overseas travel health insurance can be a lifesaver, no doubt about it! A variety of plans is designed to assist travelers in different circumstances, but all plans have provisions for emergencies. Should a severe illness or injury strike, ambulance services or even medical evacuation can come to your rescue when you have lost consciousness or are in too much pain to respond.

Second, without worldwide insurance, medical expenses could be financially disastrous for anyone who isn't living on a trust fund. Even routine medical services are costly, and prescription drugs--which are commonly needed for illnesses and injuries--can be prohibitive. If emergency dental or medical treatment is required, the bills could haunt you for a long time and turn your dream vacation into a financial nightmare.

What Price for Peace of Mind?

A third good reason to obtain overseas travel health insurance is for the wellness provision in the annual travel insurance for those planning extended stays abroad. Preventive programs and services are quite effective in their contribution to healthy living, and their aim is to get you to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help to prevent sickness. Other insurance plans cover more routine care for inpatient/outpatient needs.

Fourth, there is the all-important peace of mind. You know what could happen without medical insurance here in the United States. Add to this calamity, trying to deal with pain and suffering in a foreign language with an unfamiliar medical system. With overseas travel health insurance, you know you have medical protection that is accepted all around the world.

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