Overseas Travel Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Assistance from Overseas Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance is a must, not a luxury, in the complicated, medically-expensive world of today. Hiking through rain forests in Costa Rica or trekking over desert terrain in Australia is exotic and exciting--and filled with perils. Everything from insect bites to heat stroke become possibilities in the great outdoors, and travel health insurance is there to assist you at a critical time.

Street vendor food is part of the lifestyle in countries around the world from Mexico to Vietnam, and these local treats are tasty--and potentially disastrous. Food poisoning can result from eating delicacies in good restaurants anywhere, however, and dysentery is often one consequence of drinking water in some countries. Emergencies aside, these and many other afflictions can ruin a trip or result in delays that cause serious problems with transportation and accommodations. International medical insurance is intended to alleviate these problems by providing for good medical care.

Obtain Information Before You Leave

The wise traveler collects reliable health information before leaving the United States--and gets overseas travel insurance. Be sure to go online and check the website of the United States Department of State. This informative site has travel warnings, disease outbreak details, vaccination recommendations, and general travel information.

The information is kept up-to-date, with political and medical advisories for regions and countries around the world. For information on customs rules and regulations--which are stringent because of terrorism concerns--consult the United States Custom and Border Protection website, which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. With current information about traveling, and current overseas travel insurance, anyone planning a journey to other countries has taken essential steps to ensure a safe trip.

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