Single Trip Insurance

Written by Jen Nichol
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Single trip insurance can be purchased by travelers who don't travel frequently, but who want to ensure that their person or their assets are protected when they are on the road. There are a variety of insurance products available to travelers, some of which are flight accident insurance, lost baggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance, among others. Almost any travel mishap can be insured against, if one goes through a quality insurance resource.

Single trip insurance can vary as to type and level, depending in the needs of the traveler. Some people will want to ensure that they have health insurance overseas, while others will be primarily concerned with how the remains of a person are treated in the event of a downed airline. Still other travelers will be most concerned with lost luggage eventualities.

Single Trip Insurance Is Affordable and Important

Travel insurance is surprisingly affordable, considering the benefits conferred in times of crisis. Benefits can be up to $1,000,000 for a single trip on a common carrier. The peace of mind afforded by traveling with adequate insurance is an added, intangible benefit.

Single trip insurance is ideal for anyone who travels infrequently. For people who are more often on the road, there is annual, unlimited travel insurance, which allows them peace of mind without having to order insurance before each trip. The right insurance for any traveler is the one that allows them to approach the trip with assurance.

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