Travel Cancellation Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Travel Cancellation Insurance Protects Your Investment

Travel cancellation insurance is absolutely essential--unless you are wealthy enough to afford to lose deposits and entire trip costs! Many tourists, business people, and students lose a lot of money every year because they become ill before their trips, or for many other reasons. Refund deadlines are strict and they cut off all possibility of recouping your money.

A journey to another country is an investment, and often, a costly one; few can stand to toss this money away. It is heartbreaking to have the trip canceled, but to lose money already paid out is frustrating. Regardless of the cause of the cancellation, travel cancellation insurance protects your investment and prevents your disrupted trip from becoming a financial disaster.

A Host of Problems

There are many things that can go wrong that prevent a trip from taking place. Some of these are to be expected, such as your own illness or injury, or the illness, injury, or death of a loved one. Some are out of our control, such as terrorism violence, or the financial problems of one of the travel companies.

Trip insurance can alleviate your financial fallout from these and other problems with travel accommodations. It covers the trip cancellation itself, travel delays, and baggage delays. Trip disruption is not a simple thing, but has a ripple effect because of the many details that have to be arranged for a successful journey. Travel cancellation insurance takes care of many more adverse consequences of losing out on a planned trip.

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