Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Relocation Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Travel health insurance coverage can smooth the transition from living in the United States to relocating to another country. Once you take up residence in the other country, travel health insurance coverage can provide protection if renewed annually. All told, international insurance can protect you and your family with excellent medical services for ordinary and emergency situations.

Presumably, your relocation will mean you will be a resident of the other country, so annual travel insurance would be applicable. Because these plans are based on long-term living arrangements, they include broader coverage than some short-term plans. Certain life events, such as pregnancy and birth, are provided for, whereas in shorter-term policies, these are excluded because there would be no need for them.

Available Coverage

Annual travel insurance can cover a wide range of potential medical problems. With up to $5 million in benefits, you can obtain inpatient/outpatient treatment and prescription drugs. Mental health coverage can be invaluable to deal with the stress of changing countries, changing jobs, or changing lifestyles.

If the relocation simply is not working, repatriation coverage can be a boon, for it can get you home to the United States if you have no funds. Emergency measures can be covered, including emergency evacuation, which is critical if you should need to return to this country for treatment. Renewable annually, this travel health insurance coverage is designed to provide broad protection for you and your family.

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