Travel Insurance Policies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Get Travel Insurance Policies Online

There are two basic types of travel insurance policies. One concerns medical coverage when you travel, and the other protects you financially in case something happens that causes your trip to be canceled or irrevocably interrupted. Both types of policies are available online where you will find easy-to-understand language and great rates.

Medical travel insurance was developed because most insurance plans that you get from employers do not provide you with coverage when you are outside of the United States. In addition, many countries now require you to provide proof of medical insurance before they will issue you an entry visa. The US State Department, in fact, now strongly recommends that travelers purchase both medical coverage and medical evacuation coverage before they travel overseas.

Protecting Your Vacation

There are as many ways to spoil or cancel a vacation as there are types of vacations. What if you booked a two-week cruise to Alaska and, at the last minute, the ship developed a serious mechanical problem? If you had to take one or more planes to get to the coast, a flight delay could land you on the dock two hours after the ship left. A member of your party might break a leg or get the measles two days before your trip is scheduled to begin.

You may not know it, but most cruise lines and airlines do not refund your money if your trip gets canceled. You may have even purchased non-refundable entertainment packages that you can't use. Fortunately, there are travel insurance policies that are structured to reimburse you if your trip is canceled through no fault of yours or if it is interrupted by illness or accident. Some policies now cover even terrorist threats and acts.

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