Trip Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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All-Important Trip Insurance

Trip insurance covers a multitude of possibilities for the cancellation, interruption, or delay of your journey overseas. Sickness or injury in your family, including yourself, can easily strike unexpectedly and end your plans for an important business trip or long-planned vacation. Whatever the cause, financial loss is sure to be one of the consequences.

Trip cancellation insurance offers great protection against the total loss of deposits, transportation fares, and cruise/tour costs. Although there are many plans offered by various insurance carriers, they usually reimburse you for travel costs that are not reimbursed from another source available to you. Some medical expenses are reimbursed, as well as luggage damage and loss.

Be Prepared

There are myriad causes of problems on journeys, no matter whether you travel by plane, ship, or car. Trip insurance keeps your vacation or tour from becoming a total financial disaster if there is an airline strike, a violent winter storm, transportation delays, or a collapse of a terminal at a Paris airport! Many possible repercussions from such occurrences are covered by trip insurance that protects you against illnesses, accidents, natural disasters, and trip delays and interruptions.

A "simple" delay can cost you money, lost reservations, and lost flight connections. Think of all the complications that result from more complex events, such as terrorism violence. Look into the variety of travel cancellation insurance available from the insurance carriers who specialize in protecting travelers.

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