Worldwide Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Worldwide Insurance for Coverage Everywhere

Worldwide insurance is just that--traveler's insurance that protects you wherever you go, whether it's whitewater rafting in Costa Rica or riding a camel in the deserts of Egypt. Medical systems are organized differently from country to country, and standards are certainly not uniform. Much of the medical care in many countries does not meet the standard of care common in the United States.

Many travelers are surprised by these medical contrasts, but villages that are miles from any paved road simply do not have access to healthcare on demand. Yet, travelers do suffer insect and spider bites, and they do react to humid climates and severe weather. Falls and injuries are common, and they must be seen to immediately to prevent them from worsening.

Good Medical Treatment

With worldwide insurance, you can be assured of good medical care in any country. This travel insurance provides you with a uniform policy any place on the planet. Accepted globally, international insurance gives you confidence that you will receive the medical treatment you need without questioning of the validity of your policy.

Perhaps even more important are the emergency provisions in worldwide insurance, for these can save your life. Most policies have coverage for repatriation should you run out of funds or have your funds stolen. Emergency reunion and return of minor children can also be include in traveler's insurance. A top priority should be emergency medical evacuation--providing whatever it takes to get you to good medical care.

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