Washington Car Insurance Quotes

Written by Tara Peris
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Washington car insurance quotes have risen in recent years due to increasing rates of insurance fraud. Although the industry continues to try and crack down on faulty claims, addressing the problem at its roots has remained difficult. As a result, insurance companies have been forced to raise their rates to cover their costs.

Recently, media campaigns funded by the insurance industry have bemoaned the prevalence of insurance fraud. From orchestrated accidents in which innocent drivers are cornered into fender benders to claims of doctor visits that never occurred, people seem all too eager to bilk the system. Unfortunately, it is the honest citizen who really pays the price.

Fraud and Its Impact on Washington Car Insurance Quotes
Washington car insurance quotes have risen alongside those in other states in an effort to recoup the costs of these fraudulent activities. Although rates are still generally competitive, we live during economic times during which few of us can afford the price hike. Auto insurance is a significant annual expense and one that is exacerbated by fraud.

Many Washington insurance companies are attempting to address the issue by rewarding safe drivers with especially low rates. This strategy combined with specific efforts to crack down on dishonest claims, will hopefully engender change in insurance procedures. For now, however, we must all contend with inflated rates and slow claims adjustment.

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