Adoption India

Written by Abby Luttrell
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The child caring agencies in India are excellent, and Indian babies and children receive the most professional care. Indian orphanages require the most nutritious baby food available, they insist on routine immunizations and tests, and have regular weekly visits by a pediatrician. The emotional well-being of the children is a high priority.

Adoption India Facts

The ratio of babies to baby nurses is very low, so that babies receive a great deal of individual care and attention. Babies are cared for night and day by the same primary care-giver, and thus are able to emotionally bond in a healthy way. India has a long history of successful adoptions to the U.S.

For an adoption in India, your prepared documents are sent to India. India has an established governmental body that regulates international adoptions, and only agencies approved by India's central government may place children. The time from submission of your dossier to referral usually takes 9-12 months.

Many Girls Available for Adoption India

There are more girls available in India than boys, and boys are commonly adopted within India. By law, little or nothing is known about the children's backgrounds, but they come with full medical tests and health information. Single parents are allowed, and couples must have been married a minimum of two years. Families who already have children are approved. Siblings are available and are always placed together.

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