Adoption Photolistings

Written by Abby Luttrell
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After you have completed your application to an international adoption agency, they will review your material. They will guide you through the "Home Study" phase, where you will be gathering photocopies of personal documents to submit to the foreign government of your child's birth. But those are the boring details. The most amazing part of the process is when you start looking at photos of actual babies and children that you can adopt.

The Advantage of Adoption Photolistings

A recommended international adoption agency will have a data bank that you can access once you have submitted your application. This data bank will have the photos and information about children from many different foreign countries who need homes. Adoption photolistings are the easiest way to become acquainted with the children and their histories.

Adoption photolistings will allow prospective parents to make a choice about which child they would like to adopt. Baby adoption is very much an option, and sometimes only information is available with very young babies. Some countries have extensive information about the background and families of the children; other countries do not, or are prevented from sharing that information by law. However, all children being adopted through an international adoption agency will have a full health profile and regular pediatric visits.

Once you have chosen a child to adopt, the adoption agency will submit your dossier to the foreign governmental agency in charge of adoption in that country. Your dossier is filled with the documents from your Home Study, plus INS documentation that your agency has helped you apply for. Then you will wait for the country to authorize your "referral" and set a date for your trip to that country to meet your child.

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