Adoption Search

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you have been trying to adopt a child and you have been frustrated and upset by delays, red tape and bureaucratic jargon, you may want to consider international adoption. At first it may seem as if adopting a child from a foreign country would be even more complicated and time-consuming than adopting a child in the United States, but actually it can be easier and quicker. Foreign governmental agencies are set up to make the process organized and efficient. International adoption agencies have helped so many people that they can streamline the whole process.

Beginning Your Adoption Search

The hardest part of an adoption search is finding a child that will become your destiny. How do you select a child? If you have decided on overseas adoption, which country do you select?

Your overseas adoption agency will narrow the adoption search by asking you some key questions about the kind of child you would like. They will review the different countries at their disposal and find a match for you. You will be able to consult the agency adoption photolistings for pictures and information about prospective adoptees.

Once you have decided on a child, the foreign country takes up the process. They will have an established governmental body that regulates adoptions. Your agency must be accredited by this governmental body. Your agency will submit your dossier. After extensive checking on your background and suitability as a parent, this governmental body will issue what is known as a "referral." Approval and the accompanying court process often take from six months to a year. Once your referral is granted, you will be assigned a travel time to come and meet your designated child.

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