Baby Adoption

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you are interested in adopting a baby, as opposed to a child or a toddler, there are certain age requirements you must fulfill. Overseas adoptions are usually granted along strict guidelines, but there are leeways granted to deserving parents. Your international adoption agency will advise you of the age restrictions for each country which grants international adoptions.

Baby Adoption from China

For example, if you wish to adopt a baby from China, you must be no younger than 30. You can be a single parent, and you can be divorced, but you must state that you are heterosexual. If you are over the age of 45, the China Center for Adoption Affairs will stipulate that you adopt a toddler. If you are over 50, you will likely be assigned an older child.

Adoptions in Russia are open to any prospective parent from age 25-55. Singles are welcome. In Vietnamese adoptions, parents must be from 25-50, and any parent older than 50 will be approved on a case-by-case basis. For an adoption in India, parents must be between 24 and 48. Married couples must have been married at least two years, and singles must give proof of financial stability.

Baby adoption in Colombia is limited to singles and couples from the ages of 25 to 35. Prospective parents in the 36-45 age range will be eligible for a child from the ages of three to six, and parents older than 45 will be eligible for children age seven and older. In some countries, baby adoption is difficult and takes a longer wait; in other countries, babies are available and there is only an average wait time. In China, female babies are available, and in Russia, baby adoption is common also. In Vietnam, boy infants are more available, and in India, girl infants are more common.

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