China Adoption

Written by Abby Luttrell
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In 2002, the most children adopted by American parents from foreign countries were from China. China's laws have been streamlined for international China adoption. Most babies and children up for adoption are girls, about 95%.

Who Qualifies for China Adoption?

Couples and singles may adopt a Chinese child as long as they are age 30 or older. Singles and divorced may adopt, but single applicants must state that they are heterosexual. Married couples must prove financial ability to care for the child.

Referrals take approximately 6-12 months after your documents are submitted to the China Center for Adoption Affairs in Beijing. You will make a journey to China to meet your child about two to three months after receiving your referral. Families may have only one to two weeks advance notice of this confirmed travel date.

Once inside China, you will probably be travelling with a group of other potential adoptive parents. You will have up to two weeks there. You will be able to return home with your child after completing the formal adoption in China.

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