Finding An Adoption Agency

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Finding an adoption agency is not a difficult process. If you are considering an international adoption, you should scan the Internet for recommended agencies. International adoption agencies should be fully accredited and licensed. Foreign government agencies will only deal with accredited agencies. These agencies are not-for-profit and humanitarian. They will be your guide throughout the adoption process, from your first inquiry to the last follow-up visit of the social worker years after your successful adoption. You want an agency that is efficient but also caring.

Finding an Adoption Agency--Qualities to Look For

You should find an adoption agency that will problem solve, no matter what comes up, either in the United States before the adoption, or overseas as you proceed through the steps of the adoption. The staff of the agency are there to help you every step of the way and to hear your concerns. You should be treated courteously and professionally.

All the information you supply to the adoption agency is confidential. You should be given a written assurance that the agency will disclose that information to others only with your written consent. You should be informed of all legally guaranteed benefits, rights and privileges. There are tremendous tax breaks and financial assistance packages available to adoptive parents who adopt overseas; your agency should know of all these advantages and guide you through them.

For your part, you must be totally honest when filling out the forms for the international adoption agency. You should complete all paperwork in a timely manner so that their application for you can proceed. You must pay your fees promptly, and you must follow the regulations of the foreign country where you wish to adopt.

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