Foreign Adoption

Written by Abby Luttrell
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You may be wondering what kind of paperwork is involved to adopt a child from a foreign country. Of course each country's governmental agency has different requirements, but in general, they will involve the following documents. Your international adoption agency is responsible for collecting these from you.

First, you will fill out an application to adopt. You will complete a "home study" form which will include details about your home life, plus the reports of a social worker who has visited your home and can vouch for your approval. You will have an approval from the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) Form I-171-H, which will be received through the help of your agency.

Dossier for Foreign Adoption

Your "dossier" for foreign adoption will also include copies of your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate or statement of single status, and a medical report from your doctor. Your dossier will include a statement from your local police stating that you don't have a criminal record, and statements from your employer noting your job and earning capability. Finally, it will include a full financial statement and statement of legal residence.

With this package, your overseas adoption agency can go to work and file your application with the local government agency. When you have viewed the picture of a prospective child and have decided you wish to adopt, the overseas adoption agency will arrange the trip completely, according to the timetable set by the foreign government agency. A reputable international adoption agency will then create your trip to visit your child, handling all travel arrangements and government requirements, and allowing you the time simply to get to know your child, without any worries or paperwork. Your foreign adoption will be finalized in the courts of that country, and in many cases you will be ready to take your child home within two to three weeks.

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