International Adoption

Written by Abby Luttrell
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In 2002, there were over 20,000 babies and children adopted internationally by American parents. These children were adopted through official channels in each country, and an international adoption agency helped the American parents through the process. Because it is such a popular way to adopt, recommended international agencies are extremely organized and efficient, and have streamlined the process to reduce expense for the adoptive parents.

Source Countries for International Adoption

The top twenty countries participating in international adoption released over 19,000 children in 2002 to American adoptive families. The list is headed by China, with the most international adoptions; followed by Russia, Guatemala, South Korea, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan (parts of the former U.S.S.R.), Vietnam, India and Colombia. These countries are the focus for international adoption agencies, and children from these countries will be recommended to you if you are considering adoption.

Photos and information will be made available to you, in most cases, once your paperwork is approved by the adoption agency. Agencies have photographs of children which can be screened by prospective parents. In most countries, background and medical history are also available. As a prospective parent, you will also be able to contact parents who have just successfully completed an international adoption, and get their feedback and recommendations.

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