After You Are Arrested

Written by Will Baum
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After you are arrested, your first instinct may be to give up hope. Do not give up hope. Remember the phrase, "Innocent until proven guilty"? Well, now that means you. You're not going to be in jail forever. In fact, you can probably get out sooner than you think.

The jail system can't hope to hold but a fraction of all the people who are arrested every day. This works in your favor. You don't want the jails and the jails don't want you. That's why we have a bail system.

What to Expect After You Are Arrested

The first order of business after you are arrested is getting the bail process underway. Find an experienced bail agent to handle your case. A professional bail agent can get you sprung from jail sooner than you may think.

Your first courtroom trip will be for your arraignment. At the arraignment, a judge decides whether or not to allow bail. The judge listens to arguments from the defense and prosecution attorneys, weighing several factors. In most cases, bail is granted. However, if the judge believes that you pose a threat to the community if released, you are out of luck and will be in lock-up till your court date.

Once bail is posted, you're not exactly free. If you don't show up for your court date, the full amount of bail is forfeited. This creates a kind of financial prison, with dollar signs instead of bars. The Internet is a great place to find a bail agent after you are arrested to start getting your bail process underway.

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