Arrested Women

Written by Will Baum
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Arrested women face a justice system in the U.S. that is notoriously harsh and unpleasant. Getting out of jail fast should be an arrested woman's top priority. To do that, finding a professional bail agent right away is key.

A good bail agent can get the bail process moving quickly. Make sure you find an agent who is determined to get you out of jail in a hurry. Arrested women don't need the stress of an incompetent bail agent handling their case. Find someone who has long experience, is open around the clock, and will come consult with you soon after being contacted.

What Arrested Women Should Expect

After being arrested, the first step in the long process that follows is the arraignment. At the arraignment, a judge decides whether or not to grant bail. The judge weighs arguments from both the prosecution and defense. Most people who are arrested are granted bail. The exceptions are those who have long criminal records or have committed capital crimes. If a judge believes a defendant will be a danger to the community if freed, the judge will not allow bail.

Once bail is set, the bail agent springs to work. Bail works simply. It is a type of insurance that assures the court that a defendant will return for all court dates. If the defendant does not show up for even one court date, the full amount of bail is forfeited. Bail is set high enough so that this course of action is deeply unattractive, at best.

A bail agent who has been on the job for a while can anticipate any problems and sidestep them, allowing clients to get out of jail without delay. Avoid novices who are learning on the job. The Internet is an excellent place for arrested women to find a top bail agent to help with all their needs.

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