Bail Bond Agency

Written by Will Baum
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A bail bond agency is your "Get Out Of Jail" card. After you are arrested, an amount is established to secure your release from prison. Bail is set high enough to guarantee that you will appear for your court dates. If you do not appear in court, the bail money is forfeited.

A relative or friend of the defendant, called the "indemnitor," posts the bail bond in the amount set by the court. If the defendant doesn't happen to have a relative or friend who has millions in spare cash lying around, a bail bond agency is needed to raise the money. The agency secures collateral from the indemnitor to insure that the defendant will appear in court as promised. Collateral can be anything from vehicles to property to cash.

A Bail Bond Agency Gets You Out Of Jail

If the defendant does not show up in court as promised, the indemnitor is liable for the full amount of bail put up by the bail agent. This keeps defendants in a kind of jail without bars. If they flee, their friend or relative who helped them out of jail will have their collateral seized. The bail system works on trust.

Underwriting a bail bond usually takes less than 24 hours. Within another 24 hours, the defendant will be released. The defendant now has the freedom to get his or her affairs in order and prepare a defense. The defendant reports to the bond agent's office weekly. The Internet is a great resource for finding the best bail bond agency for you.

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