Bail Bond Company

Written by Will Baum
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A bail bond company can get you out of jail fast. With a friend or relative putting up collateral, a bail bond company can post bail within 24 hours of beginning the process. Within another 24 hours, your time in jail is over for now. You are free until your court date.

History and The Bail Bond Company

The modern-day bail system has its roots far back in the courts of medieval England. Sheriffs used to decide who got out on bail and for what amount. The 1628 Petition of Right and the 1677 Habeas Corpus Act further refined due process. The first delineated which crimes were bailable and which were not. The second placed magistrates in charge of a system previously run by sheriffs and courts.

Still missing were legal limits to the amount of bail a court could ask for. Courts could set bail so high that it was impossible for any defendant to pay, the effect being no different than if there hadn't been any bail system in place at all. This was addressed in the English Bill of Rights in 1689 which stated "excessive bail ought not to be required."

Today in the United States, the Eighth Amendment continues that tradition established centuries ago. We have a bail system administered by judges who operate within sharply defined limits. While still imperfect, the bail bond system is now a well-oiled machine. The Internet is a great place to track down a bail bond company to serve all of your needs.

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