Bail Bonds Agent

Written by Will Baum
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A bail bonds agent is essential if you want to get out of jail fast. Working with friends or family of a defendant who put up collateral guaranteeing a defendant doesn't flee before his or her court date, a bail bonds agent can have bail paid within 24 hours of beginning the process. 24 more hours later, the defendant is freed from jail.

History and the Bail Bonds Agent

English law is the root of our current bail bonds system. Starting as far back as medieval times, an early version of our modern bail system was in place. Local sheriffs determined who was eligible for bail and set bail amounts. Without legal controls, the sheriffs were often corrupt, lining their own pockets with bribes and cuts of bail monies.

Two documents, the 1628 Petition of Right and the 1677 Habeas Corpus Act improved upon the system, determining what crimes were bailable and placing bail powers in the hands of a magistrate. In 1689, the English Bill of Rights further refined due process by setting caps on bail amounts, which previously were being set at unreasonable, impossible-to-raise amounts.

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution secures and improves these same rights for all Americans. Our system of bail bonding helps prevent overcrowding in jails, allowing defendants time out in the world to help prepare their defense. The Internet is a terrific place to find the bail bonds agent best equipped to serve your needs.

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