Being Arrested

Written by Will Baum
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Being arrested is an unfortunate reality shared by millions. But going to jail doesn't have to be as horrible as you may imagine, for one simple reason: Usually you can get out fast. Unless you are a repeat offender or have committed an especially brutal crime, a judge is likely to grant bail.

There aren't enough cells to hold all the people that are arrested every day. The bail system is in place to alleviate the pressure of constant arrests on the justice system. Without allowing people out on bail, jails would overflow almost immediately.

Being Arrested Starts A Long Process

Being arrested is only step one. Soon, you will have an arraignment. At the arraignment, you are brought out and the charges against you are read. It is at the arraignment that the judge decides whether or not to allow bail. Attorneys for both sides will speak to this question. The vast majority of people who are arrested are granted bail. By law, bail has to be reasonable. That means a relative or friend should be able to get you out of jail quickly, with the help of a competent bail agent.

Many bail agents compete for the same business. Be certain that the agent you select is experienced and well respected. A good agent will be open 24 hours a day, ready to work for you. Being arrested begins a long trip through the justice system. The Internet is a great place to find a bail agent to make that beginning as painless as possible.

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