California Bail Bond

Written by Will Baum
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A California bail bond is much easier to get than you may think. There aren't enough cells to hold all the people that are arrested every day, all day and night. The bail system has evolved to make it possible for the rest of the justice system to function.

The bail system lets defendants out on their own recognizance, while guaranteeing that they will return to court when they are supposed to. Not appearing in court at the appointed time means forfeiting bail, an unacceptable consequence for the friend or family member who helps put up the bail. A California bail bond isn't itself crushingly expensive (10 percent of the total bail amount is the mandated ceiling). But having to pay the full amount if the defendant skips bail is beyond what any friend or family member is likely to be able to sustain. That's the idea. That's how the bail system works.

A California Bail Bond Gets You Out Of Jail

No one wants to spend more time behind bars than is absolutely necessary. Usually that isn't more than a night or two. Only those who have long criminal records or have committed violent crimes are likely to be refused bail. This is decided by a judge at the arraignment. Having family and friends show up for your arraignment if you are arrested helps the judge see that you are not a menace to society and should be let out on bail.

Many bail agencies compete for your business. Make sure you find a bail agent with a long track record who is open 24 hours a day to serve your needs. The police never stop arresting people; a bail agent should be ready to work around the clock. The Internet is a great place to find an agent to handle your California bail bond needs.

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