Dui Arrest

Written by Will Baum
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A DUI arrest doesn't have to be the end of the world. It certainly doesn't mean you have to spend a long time behind bars. After a DUI arrest, find a top bail bond agent and get yourself sprung from jail as quickly as possible. All the celebrities who are constantly being arrested on DUIs don't do unnecessary jail time, and neither should you.

Famous DUI Arrests

DUI arrests seem to net celebrities of all kinds. Stars get nabbed whether they are on their way up and celebrating or on their way down and drowning their sorrows. The celebrity lifestyle seems to go hand-in-hand with reckless substance use. Perhaps the buzz of performing is itself addictive; drinking and drugs just fill the time between star turns.

Take Nick Nolte. The sixty-something actor was arrested for weaving on the Pacific Coast Highway in his Mercedes-Benz, crossing into oncoming traffic. The California Highway Patrol officer who made the arrest reported that Nolte was drooling when pulled over. Nolte obviously failed the field sobriety test. His mug shot, featuring his familiar face under wild, stringy hair, found its way into newspapers nationwide.

David Hasselhoff, Diana Ross, Carmen Electra--the list is long and ever growing. Celebrities often rely upon the same bail agents as anyone else. A top bail agent can put the bond process into motion at any time of day. The Internet is a terrific place to find a bond agent after a DUI arrest.

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